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Norman K.I. McIver, (“Nick”) , OBE

OBE Medal Crest

1965 MB BS (Lond), King's College,  and Westminster Hospital, London
1965 LRCP (Lond) MRCS (England)
1982 Associate, Faculty of Occupational Medicine of Royal College of Physicians, London
1988 Member, Faculty of Occupational Medicine
1993 Fellow, Faculty of Occupational Medicine 
1981 Craig Hoffman  Memorial Award of Undersea and Hyperbaric  Medical Society USA for contribution to Diving Safety, Asilomar, California

2005  Order of the British Empire

Seal of the Order of the British EmpireOBE Civil Medal

1991 Officer of Order of St. John

Logo Order of St. John


*Dr. McIver has retired and no longer participates in our question and answer process.

2000 to 2008: Independent Occupational Health Physician
1974 to date: Approved Diving Doctor, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) UK
1975 to 2001: Diving Medical Advisory Committee, UK and Europe, now a corresponding member.
1979 to date: Diving Medical Approval, Norwegian Health Directorate
Past Appointments:

1996 to 2001:  External Examiner to Aberdeen University Postgraduate Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine.

1996 to 2000: Clinical Director of Hyperbaric Unit, James Paget Hospital NHS Trust, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

1986 to 2003: Clinical Tutor and Programme Committee of Annual Biomedical Seminars Courses for HSE Approved Doctors

1972 to 2000: Principal in NHS General Practice (Primary Health Care) and Occupational Medicine, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK ( Senior Partner 1996 to 2000)

1988 to 1991: Member of Diving Accident Working Group of Medical Research Council, UK

1983 to 1986:  Member of Editorial Board of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine (concurrently Member of Workshop Committee and International Affairs Committee of UHMS)

1980 to 1982: Secretary to Executive Committee of European Underwater and Baromedical Society (EUBS); Co-ordinator of Annual Scientific Conference, Cambridge University, UK 1981

1971:  Obstetric SHO, St. Stephen’s Hospital, Chelsea, London (Entered on Obstetric Register 1972)

1966 to 1971:  Short Service Commission, Royal Army Medical Corps. (SHO in Accident and Emergency; Senior Medical Officer School of Infantry, Warminster; Regimental Medical Officer to 6th Queen Elizabeth’s Own Gurkha Rifles (Hong Kong and Brunei)

(Experience has included posts as: European Medical Adviser to Taylor Diving & Salvage of New Orleans, in Great Yarmouth and Rotterdam (1974 to 1985);
provision of recompression facility to the United States Air Force bases in East Anglia (1982 to 1987 and 1993 to 2000);
Hyperbaric Medical Adviser to East Anglian Regional Health Authority (1978 to 1996);
Base Medical Officer to Amoco UK Exploration Company (1972 to 1996), and to BP Petroleum Development Limited (1974 to 2000);
Medical Adviser to McDermott Underwater Services, Aberdeen,  Middle East, and Far East (1985 to 1999). 

Honorary Lectureships:

1978 - to 1996: Wolfson Institute of Occupational Health, Dundee University
1986 – to 1996: Institute of Naval Medicine, Alverstoke, Hampshire
1988 - 1992: Robert Gordon Institute (now University) of Technology, Aberdeen
1988 - 1994: Cambridge University, Department of Occupational Medicine (Annual Introductory Course to Occupational Medicine)

Contributor to Following Workshops-

1. 1978: Consultant to Norsk Hydro/Statoil.  Member of Diving Medical Advisory Group preparing a report (published) - 'Biomedical Aspects of Operational Diving to 420 metres'.  Provided on-site medical cover for three months for the first European 300metres operational open sea dive off Norway preceding this report and was responsible for the medical protocol.  Particular problems were diver fitness and selection, resistance of breathing equipment, toxic effects of welding fumes at increased partial pressures, the effects of carbon dioxide, hyper- and hypothermia, cardiological monitoring at 300 metres, and behavioural observations of operational divers at these depths.

2. 'Interaction of Drugs in the Hyperbaric Environment'.  Contributor to  the United States Navy  Workshop held at FASEB Headquarters, Bethesda, Maryland. Ed. D Walsh; Proceedings published 1979.

3. Cambridge, United Kingdom 1981.  European Underwater and Baromedical Society conference.  Secretary  of organising committee, and presenter at 'Symposium on Decompression Sickness'.  Eds. James, McCallum and Rawlins, Norwich Union 1981.

4. 'Establishment of Baseline for Physical Examination of Divers', 1981. Contributor to Workshop, Undersea and Hyperbaric  Medical Society, Bethesda, Maryland .  Published 1982.

5. 'Thermal Stress in Relation to Diving'. Contributor to Workshop held at Institute of Naval Medicine, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hants, UK, 1981. Eds. Elliott DH, and Golden F StC. Diving Medical Advisory Committee(DMAC) Report,  Published 1982.

6. 'Flying After Diving'.  Member of organising committee and contributor to Workshop held in 1982, DMAC  (London).

7. 'MAI:  The Medical Examination of Divers'.  Member of Working Group, Revised Proceedings published August 1987.

8. Health & Safety Executive Workshop, London: 1991 'Review of Pulmonary Radiography and Pulmonary Function Studies in Commercial Divers'.

9. Institute of Naval Medicine, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire: 1991 'Workshop on Definition of the Decompression Disorders'. Published 1992.

10. Health & Safety Executive Workshop, Aberdeen 1992: 'Review of Fitness to Dive: Morphology and Physical Fitness'.

11. 'Medical Assessment of Fitness to Dive 1994'.  Programme committee member and presenter at International Conference Proceedings.  Ed.  D.H. Elliott, Biomedical Seminars (published 1995).

12.  Revision of MAI: The Medical Examination of Divers  by HSE (Working Group Member) 1996 (Published 1998).

Additional Information:

1. Approved Medical Doctor experienced in Hyperbaric Medicine under Section 17.1 of the Regulations for Diving on the Norwegian Continental Shelf 1983 to 1992. (Provided first line cover for a contract in Norwegian Waters 1992 and 1993).

2. Participant and presenter on Citizen Ambassador Programme Underwater and Occupational Medicine Delegation to Singapore, Australia and New Zealand 1993.

3. President of Great Yarmouth and Waveney Division of British Medical Association 1990 to 1992.



1. Crosbie W.A., Clarke MB., Cox R.A.F., McIver N.K.I. et al
'Physical characteristics and ventilatory function of 404 commercial divers working in the North Sea'.  Br.  J. Industr.  Med. 1977; 34: 19-25.

2. Keatinge W.R., Hayward M.G., McIver N.K.I.
'Hypothermia during saturation diving in the North Sea'.  Br.  Med.  J. 1980, 2nd February, p 291

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4. McIver N.K.I. 'Assessment of divers with pulmonary barotrauma'.
Wilmshurst P, ed.  Nottingham Medical Conference Proceedings, British Sub-Aqua Club 1987; 64-9.

5. McIver N.K.I. 'Treatment of compressed-air decompression accidents'.  J. Royal Soc.  Med. 1989; 82: 74-79.

6.McIver N.K.I. 'Clinical manifestation of the decompression illnesses'.  S. Pacific Underwater Med.  Soc.  Journal 1991; 3: 133-135.

7. McIver N.K.I. 'Adjuvant Therapy of decompression sickness'.  S. Pacific Underwater Med.  Soc.  Journal 1991; 4: 208-21 1.

8. Mebane G.Y., McIver N.K.I. 1993 'Fitness to Dive' in Eds.  Bennett P.B., Elliott D.H. The Physiology and Medicine of Diving, 4th Edition pp 53-76; WB Saunders and co.

9. McIver N.K.I. & Botheroyd E.N Standards of fitness for divers and offshore workers.  In Eds.  Cox R.A.F., Edwards F.C., McCallum R.I. 'Fitness for Work, The Medical Aspects'. 1995: second edition.

10. McIver N.K.I. 1995.  Dental, gastrointestinal and genito-urinary fitness in Eds.  Elliott D.H. 'Medical Assessment of Fitness to Dive', pp 199-204.  Proc.  Biomedical Seminars Conference, Edinburgh.

11. McIver NKI and McIver JW.1998:Emergency recompression of divers: Co-ordinating the need. Quantifying the problem: the Great Yarmouth experience: 175 cases. 1990-1998.  Society of Underwater Technology Proceedings of Symposium, London.

12. Bracher DB and McIver NKI. 2006 :The Medical Assessment of Working Divers in Eds: Palmer, Brown and Cox:Fitness for Work, 4th Edition, Oxford University Press(in print).

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