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Pasquale Longobardi, MD




Address: Via Dradi, 37

48100 Ravenna (RA), Italy

Telephone office: +39 0544-500152

Fax: +39 0544-500148

Mobile: +39 335-369120

E-mail: direzione@iperbaricoravenna.it


Web site:

Personal details

Nationality: Italian

Place of birth: Naples (Italy)

Date of birth: December 23rd 1961

Residence: Ravenna (Italy)


1986 - graduated with honour and qualified for medical practice at Naples University, Italy;

1989 - postgraduated in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine at Chieti University, Italy;

1990/1997 Master in Health Care Management at Business Administration School L. Bocconi, Milan, Italy (two years course)

Professional Experience


1982-1989: Researcher of the Diving and Hyperbaric Study and Research Institute of the Naples Provincial Administration, Italy;

Other professional activities

Foreign Languages


Author of about 201 scientific studies submitted on national and international congresses and published on Italian scientific magazines and in English language Journals;

from 1986 up to now: attendance in almost all annual conferences of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society (UHMS), European Underwater Biomedical Society (EUB S), Italian Society of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (SIMSI);

Co-author of the Diving Federal Manual of F.I.P.S., the Italian branch of the International Confederation of the Diving Activities (C.M.A.S.) - La Mandragola ed, 1994;

Author of "Hyperbaric oxygen therapy handbook” - Tipolitografia Scaletta ed, 1994;

Author of “Diving accident oxygen first aid handbook”, published by the Italian Federation of Diving Activity (FIAS), 1997.


3 star CMAS (International Confederation of the Diving Activities) Instructor;

F. I.A.S. (Italian Federation of Diving Activity) Instructor-Trainer;

Ravenna, 27th April 2007

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