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Diving Safety

Divemasters Quick Accident Response

Dive Accident Management  Power Point Presentation

The Importance of a First Aid Kit    
Basics of a Good First Aid Kit

Pre-Dive Risk Assessment
Some things divers need to consider in prevention of diving accidents.

Scuba Diving Emergency Rescue Plan
An excellent SCUBA Rescue Plan
Joe Schottman
Webmaster www.vbs.vt.edu

Model Action Plan for Divemasters
Outline of a Model Action Plan for Divemasters for download

Safe Scuba  
Some tips and recommendations for safe diving

Man Overboard
Discussion of what to do to aid a person fallen overboard.

The Abandoned Diver  
Discussion of this catastrophe and it's prevention

Problems With Moving Water
Diving in Currents and Surges

Lead Poisoning   

Lightning and Diving

Diving Safety for the Disabled   
Information and sources about Disabled Diving

Immersion hypothermia and Near-drowning

Cold Acclimatization  
An article by Jolie Bookspan, PhD

Diving in Polluted Waters
Information for Search & Rescue Divers

Post-Dive Procedures  
Some things that a divemaster needs to consider after all dives, modified after OSHA Commercial Guidelines

Technical Diver Series Download

Commentary Articles by Ernest Campbell, MD
Danger! "Hotel Scuba"  
 An article on how not to learn diving

Apres Diving in Palau   
Fun article on a good way to have a surface interval.

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