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Flying and Altitude
Parameters for Flying After Diving    

Diving After Flying?
DAN has something to say!

Flying After Diving Presentation, 
Dr. Richard Vann, DAN, Duke University
DEMA 2002 Power Point Presentation

MFFAD Study, Duke University Download pdf format

Neal W. Pollock Ph.D., Michael J. Natoli M.S., Richard D. Vann Ph.D.
Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC  27710

Detection of endogenous gas phase formation in humans at

by Dr. Jolie Bookspan, PhD

Buhlmann Altitude Tables (DOWNLOAD)

Buhlmann Sea Level Tables (DOWNLOAD)

Aerospace Medicine

'At-altitude Arithmetic' by Larry 'Harris' Taylor, PhD

'Diving At Altitude' Simple Computations by John Ware, PhD

Air Travel Problems: The Diver Requiring Oxygen

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