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August 22, 2009

November 2009 GUE Conference

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To Whom it Concerns:

Global Underwater Explorers is hosting its annual conference at the Gainesville, Florida Hilton Hotel, on the weekend of November 13th thru the 15th.  GUE is a global organization concerned with water conservation, exploration, and diver training.

We are currently seeking qualified speakers to make presentations at our conference. GUE boasts members in over 50 countries, many are academics who research and study the underwater environment, disseminate information to their respective communities, as well as train divers in all aspects of diving from beginner to expert. Please visit us at

We invite one of your physicians or medical associates, to speak about local and/or global practice of hyperbarics, or other related topics of interest as they relate to diving.  If more than one person would like to present, that would be fine.

Please advise us at your earliest convenience of your intentions, topic of choice, and any media equipment you may require. I may be reached by responding to this email, or by telephone at 386-454-0820. We thank you very much for your consideration.


Renee Alderman

Global Underwater Explorers


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