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January 6, 2010

Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers Available Free on the Internet

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Dr. Carl Edmonds is a Diving Medicine expert in Australia and co-author of a widely read and highly regarded textbook on the subject. He and his co-authors have updated their book and are offering it free on the Internet. The following is an email which we received about this:

“This text is the 2010 edition (3rd English edition) of Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers. Its previous editions have been mainly restricted to the Indo-Pacific region (in English, Japanese and Korean) for almost 2 decades. Because the previous edition is out of print and there still seems to be a need for this expanded publication, it is now made available free to any and all divers on the Internet.  Under these conditions, the original authors, plus John Pennefather, have agreed that the text be made available without royalties and without imposing copyright.

The book deals mainly with diving problems, their causes, first-aid and prevention. It does not deal with complex medical treatments.

Diving authors and editors may extract whatever they wish, for their articles. It may be used commercially on condition that there is acknowledgement of the source, with our web address promulgated so that clients can access the complete and related data.

The Internet book is intended to be relevant to:

· Injured (and non-injured) divers, who may download any or all chapters relevant to them.

· Instructors and diving paramedics, who may need the whole text, as they cannot predict which part will be relevant to their diving trainees and patients.·

Non-diving physicians will be introduced to this subject and it may inspire them to seek more information. It tells them how to do so. Administrators who run diving medical courses can make the book available to the students for pre-course reading.

· Diving physicians, who will be able to download specific chapters to give to their diver patients, to understand and prevent recurrences of the illnesses they are treating

Web address for free copy of text

Also, if you think it appropriate, please add our link to your organisations web site.

Thanks,                                                                                               January 2010

Carl Edmonds

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