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September 30, 2005

New Book on Underwater Digital Video

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Steven Barsky has done it again! I have just received and read through his new “how to” book on underwater digital video. I wish that I had access to this excellent instructional manual some years ago when I ventured into the arena of underwater video during a trip to the Red Sea. I’m certain that my results would have been a lot less amateurish. Now, if he could just write something that would offer assistance with getting through Egyptian customs with a camera - then everything would be perfect. (G)

Underwater Digital Video Made Easy is a book that will take you from beginner through advanced underwater video skills. It is packed with practical, real world information from three underwater video professionals and includes the following chapters:
Camera Selection • Housing Selection • Accessories • Gear Set-Up • Shooting Topside in the Marine Environment • Shooting Underwater • Lighting Underwater • Travel • Maintenance • Editing • and much more!

Most of us don’t want to be a motion picture director but just want to make home videos of our next diving vacation. Well, this book is the place to start! This is the most up-to-date book on the exciting world of underwater video.

In the book there are hints and techniques for underwater video that you won’t find anywhere else. Each chapter includes useful tips based upon actual underwater video or film projects that have been shown in theaters, seen on television, or are available on DVD.

Authors Barsky, Milbrand, and Thurlow are all professional underwater cameramen with a combined total of over 37 years in the field of underwater video production.

In addition, there is the pleasure of seeing their beautiful and talented diving model, Kristine Barsky, the wife of one of the authors.

A sample chapter can be downloaded at this address:

Underwater Digital Video Made Easy, Sug. Retail Price $23.95
192 pages, over 150 photographs and illustrations
Written by Steven M. Barsky, Lance Milbrand,
and Mark Thurlow
ISBN Number: 0-9674305-5-0


September 27, 2005

Ideal Body Weight for Diving, Scuba Calories

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In response to a question about diving and obesity - here is an answer giving the ideal body weight for diving:

Edmonds, in the book, Diving and Subaquatic Medicine, states that weight should be less than 20 % above the average ideal weight for age, height and build. Obesity is undesirable because it increases the risk of decompression illness, there being an increase in nitrogen absorption of 4.5 times in fat. Sport diving is more lenient than commercial in this regard in that the bottom times can be reduced according to the percentage that the candidate’s weight exceeds that expected for height and build.

Body mass index (BMI) is a method for determining the percentage of fat. It is determined by weight in Kg divided by height in meters squared.

In some areas of the world where medical fitness is more stringently regulated than the US, a high BMI (body mass index) would deter one from diving. Complicating conditions of adiposity include diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia or hypertension and their associations with coronary artery disease. The BMI is important to divers due to the fact that people with high BMI are more prone to coronary artery disease and an untoward coronary event while diving. A BMI above 30 kg/m2 is thought to be excessively risky for diving. Of course, measured %BF can sometimes show that the diver is quite large and muscular and this needs to be taken into consideration. Figure your BMI by going to this web site:

In one of our newsletters, reference was made to the approximate number of calories burned while scuba diving. The figures quoted (393 kcal for a person weighing 130 pounds, 413 kcal for 155 pounds, 604 kcal for 190 pounds) were all estimates but seemed inordinately high to some people who felt that scuba diving was essentially a sedate activity in a weightless milieu.

In researching a valid answer to this question we came up with some data that hopefully explains the burning of oxygen - and thus calories (kcal). There are quite a few variables in the equation, such as water temperature, level of fitness of the individual, size and body configuration of the diver, current, surge and buoyancy. Swimming energy is also proportional to the square of the velocity and workloads for higher use are tolerated by only the very fit.

Maximum burning of oxygen in the very fit is 40ml/kg/minute (VO2). Resting VO2 is 3.5ml/kg/min. or 1.5-2 kcal (1 MET). All things being equal, the act of scuba diving at a speed of 1 knot burns about 25 ml/kg/min of O2 (about 60% of maximum), the diver moving about 70 feet per minute. (Bove, ’Diving Medicine’, 1997).

A resting value of 3.5ml/kg/minute interpolated to 25 ml/kg/min is 8 kcals/min. A diver swimming for one hour at this rate would burn 480 calories, depending upon any or all of the variables noted above. See also: Nutrition and Diving

Best regards for safe diving!
Ern Campbell, MD
scubadoc Diving Medicine

Divers Alert Network Joins with World Communications Center To Provide Global Satellite Communication Services to Divers

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CHANDLER, Ariz. ­ September 27, World Communications Center (WCC), a provider of global satellite voice and data communications, announced today that Divers Alert Network (DAN) has signed an agreement to offer its member divers the ability to rent WCC¹s Iridium satellite phones when diving in remote locations.

Satellite communications provides the ideal solution for divers, who typically travel in areas where landlines and cellular service are not available. In emergency situations, this can be cause for concern.

WCC provides service and equipment for satellite telephones, mobile asset tracking devices and satellite broadband internet. The company offers the one truly global satellite system, Iridium, which provides complete global coverage including all oceans and seas with no long distance or roaming fees. The WCC rental program allows DAN members to rent satellite equipment at weekly rates and pay for minutes they use at a fraction of what most international phone calls cost. User-friendly added-value features can include waterproof phone bags, special one-button programming to contact the DAN and WCC’s 24-hour customer care.

WCC President Sam Romey said that with Iridium’s unique truly global network, WCC has always recognized the value of satellite communications in the diving industry. “Many divers already use WCC¹s services, but our new relationship with DAN will help to reach out to its members and ensure further safety via reliable communications,” Romey said.

Tony Bacci, Vice President of Marketing and New Business Development at DAN, underscored the value of the relationship with WCC. “Thanks to our partnership with WCC, we can offer our divers and group leaders an effective way to communicate back to us in case of emergency,” Bacci said. “We encourage divers to take advantage of this program so they can travel and dive to remote and beautiful places with peace of mind.”

To launch the new DAN/WCC partnership and encourage traveling divers to learn about the easy-to-use Iridium satellite system, introductory specials are available to DAN divers and professionals including discounts, custom programming and other incentives. Details of each offer will be available at the DEMA show in Las Vegas, on the DAN website ( ) and on WCC¹s website (

About DAN

Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit members organization dedicated to recreational diving safety and emergency assistance. DAN is supported by the largest association of recreational divers in the world.

Founded in 1980, DAN has served as a lifeline for the scuba industry by operating diving’s only 24-hour emergency hotline, a lifesaving service for injured divers. DAN also operates a diving medical information line, conducts vital diving medical research and develops and provides educational programs for everyone from beginning divers to medical professionals.

About WCC

World Communication Center (WCC) is a leading provider of global satellite solutions, including Iridium telephones, pagers, data capabilities, satellite broadband and service. The company provides leased and for-purchase satellite communications systems for maritime, aviation, commercial trucking and other ground transportation. WCC serves government agencies, leisure travelers and corporate entities including the State of Alaska, NASA, The Peace Corps and Boeing. For information, visit or call 800-211-2575.

CONTACT: Jodi Amendola, Amendola Communications for WCC - 480.664.8412

September 26, 2005

CO Poisoning Reports from Hurricanes Katrina/Rita

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To UHMS Members in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas;

The CDC continues to collect cases of Katrina/Rita-related CO poisoning that were treated with HBO2. They feel that the “hyperbaric reporting network” is their most reliable source of information on the topic!

If you have treated any cases of CO poisoning related to Katrina or Rita, please email me at No patient identifiable information will be collected.

For your interest, I am attaching their most recent summary. Thanks for your help.

Neil B. Hampson, MD

The Mid-west Chapter of the UHMS along with ProMedica Health System & The Toledo Hospital present: 2005 Hyperbaric Medicine Update

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The Mid-west Chapter of the UHMS along with ProMedica Health System & The Toledo Hospital present:

2005 Hyperbaric Medicine Update, October 7-8, 2005 at the Maumee Bay State Resort and Conference Center, 1750 Park Road #2, Oregon, Ohio 43618.

Attached is the brochure on this event. If you have a problem with the attachment, you can get the attachment at the following website:

Lisa Wasdin

September 25, 2005

Scuba Clinic Posts in the past week (September 16, 2005 - September 24, 2005

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Here are some questions and answers on our Scuba Clinic forum with posts during the past week. Register for our Scuba Clinic in order to read, post and participate in the board activity at

Equalizing Advice and Techniques

Vibration After A Dive As Contributor To DCS, Vibration and DCS

Reverse block

Knee replacement


Rash on Hand

Ear Meds


Diving with a Foley Catheter

Paxil and Syncope

2005 Hyperbaric Medicine Update,

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ProMedica Health System Continuing Medical Education Department, The Toledo Hospital Department of Hyperbaric Medicine and the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, Midwest Chapter present 2005 Hyperbaric Medicine Update

October 7 & 8, 2005
Maumee Bay State Resort and Conference Center
1750 Park Road #2
Oregon, Ohio 43618

This seminar will provide an update on topics of interest in the use of hyperbaric medicine for disease and injury treatment and prepare participants for the Certifi ed Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT) or Certified Hyperbaric RN (CHRN) exam.

This activity is intended for physicians and may be of interest to nurses, respiratory therapists, hyperbaric technicians and divers who have an interest in hyperbaric medicine and the safe delivery of hyperbaric treatments.

Amateur Aquatic Photo Exhibit
You are invited to participate in this exciting opportunity to display your talents as an amateur aquatic photographer. Photographs will be on display during the Friday
evening dive presentations. All photo participants will receive a participation gift and Best of Show will be awarded at the Friday Evening Social. To request a copy of the guidelines for the exhibit, please contact Diane Monaghan at 419-291-4649 or

Maumee Bay Resort & Conference Center is located at 1750 Park Road #2, Oregon, Ohio,
less than 10 miles from Toledo, on the shore of Lake Erie. It is easily accessible from Detroit, Cleveland or Columbus and 45 minutes west of Cedar Point. For driving directions from these cities and other common points of origin, please refer to
Detailed directions and a map will be sent with all registration confirmations.

A block of rooms have been reserved and will be held until September 16, 2005.
Please identify the Hyperbaric UHMS as the group name.

Maumee Bay Resort & Conference Center
1750 Park Road #2
Oregon, Ohio 43618
Other hotels in the area include:
Comfort Inn-East– 419-691-8911
Holiday Inn Express–419-691-8800

Refund Policy
The registration fee, minus a $10 administrative fee, will be refunded if a cancellation is received (in writing or by phone) no later than September 30, 2005. Refunds will not be given for failure to attend. ProMedica Health System is not responsible for any accommodation cancellation fees.

For your comfort, please bring a sweater or jacket to the conference.

For more information, please call The Toledo Hospital Department of Hyperbaric
Medicine at 419-291-2072, the ProMedica Health System Continuing Medical Education
Department at 419-291-4650, or e-mail

September 21, 2005

Hurricane Katrina, HBO job offerings

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Lisa Wasdin with the UHMS has the following information:

UHMS now has a listing of job offerings for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Most of the jobs listed are temporary, just for those that have been displaced. However, there has been several listed that need full-time employees. (more full-time positions are listed on our classified page)

If interested or you know of someone in the hyperbaric field that has been displaced due Hurricane Katrina please visit the follow site:

If you’d like to post a temporary job, please email me. LisaWasdin@UHMS.ORG

Thank you

September 20, 2005

From the DAN website: DocVikingo Is New Moderator for ‘Scuba Clinic’

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News & Events
DocVikingo Is New Moderator for ‘Scuba Clinic’

DocVikingo, editor, writer and diver at large, is now the moderator for “The Scuba Clinic Forum,”a question-and-answer forum on

“He will join our other moderators in helping me to keep ahead of the growing tasks of the web site, newsletter and the forum,: said Dr. Ernest Campbell, founder of

DocVikingo has written many articles about diving medical problems for multiple publications, including Undercurrent, Scuba Diving magazine and DAN’s Alert Diver.

Several of Vikingo’s articles on the website, including “Depression and Diving,” “Safe Sea - Getting Nailed by Jellies” and a Scuba Board Thread about Teen Divers.

“I am continuously impressed by his breadth of knowledge and wise use of common-sense approaches to diving medical problems, said Dr. Campbell. “We are fortunate to have access to his expertise.”

Register at Scuba Clinic and participate in the forum questions and answers by going to

Other moderators on the board include Drs. Jolie Bookspan, Allen Dekelboum, Martin Quigley, Ed Kay, Larry Stein, Bruce Miller, Bill Henss and Bill McNicoll.

“Diver’s Day” Meeting, for Local Dive Shop Owners and Managers

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Dear Local Dive Shop Owners and Managers,

There is still room to attend the “Diver’s Day” Meeting this Saturday, September 24th, 2005, from 8am to 5pm at the Wyndham Hotel in Colorado Springs. This is part of a 2 day meeting of the Pacific Chapter of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS).

I think that you will find the program of value to your divers, divemasters, instructors and almost anyone interested in diving. The Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) usually has a Diver’s Day like this but has not had one in Colorado for several years and we are not sure when they will be back. We put together a similar program that I think you will enjoy.

The cost is $45 (plus $25 if CME credit is needed for MDs, RNs, or CHTs) and this includes Saturday registration and food and beverages at the exhibit and break session. Lunch is not included. Parking is free. Rooms are still available if needed.

We have some excellent world class speakers and it will be a good time to interact with Diving Medical Experts in a friendly small setting.

There are lectures on Friday, September 23rd as well (on Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care) and a Banquet on Friday Night with presentations by some world renowned Diving Doctors. You are certainly welcome to these programs as well.

You may want to also forward this email to your clients. We also still have room if you shop wishes to have an exhibit booth on Saturday.

For more information go to and click on the Pacific Chapter UHMS Meeting or go to the other site at

Hope to see you there.


James R. Holm, MD, FACEP
PacUHMS President
Director of Hyperbaric Medicine
Memorial Hospital, Colo Springs, CO

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