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November 29, 2006

Scientific Abstracts UHM 2006: VOL 33, ISSUE #5

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Scientific Abstracts from UHMS Annual Meeting, 2006, Orlando, FL

Scientific Abstracts Index

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Password = waterworks


Technology Assessment Report, “Uses of Hyperbaric Oxygen”

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Dr. Tom Bozzuto has sent us this interesting US Government report concerning uses of HBO.

Updated Chamber Information for Suva, Fiji

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A recompression facility within Suva Private Hospital staffed by 4 hyperbaric doctors and a large roster of trained volunteer operators, in the capital city, Suva, a one-hour flight from most of the Fijian dive locations. Administrator : Mr Curly Carswell

E-mail: or

Emergency numbers:

999 3500: (HYPERBARIC DOCTOR: Dr Ali Husnoor, Lami, Suva)

999 3506 (NATIONAL COORDINATOR Curly Carswell, Savusavu)

Stuart Gow
FIHTA DiveComm National Coordinator

Springhill Medical Center Chamber (Mobile, AL) Wins 10K Grant

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One of the advantages of being a subscriber to Ten Foot Stop is that we occasionally have information that can lead to windfalls for you and your diving/hyperbaric endeavour.

Julio Garcia, CHT, RN writes to tell us about his wound treatment center receiving a 10K grant which was advertised on our web blog.
“I had applied for the chamber endowment fund as listed on the Ten-Foot Stop blog for PADI America and we won a 10K grant for advance hyperbaric training at Hyperbarics International. Isn’t that too cool.”

Here is the news release:

Springhill Medical Center Awarded Prestigious PADI Chamber Endowment Fund

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) awarded more than a third of its entire Chamber Endowment Fund to the Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine at Springhill Medical Center. PADI supports diver safety and research through its international endowment program.

The Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine will use the funds to send medical staff members to the Undersea Medical Team Training Program in Key Largo, Florida.

“This is one of the few places we will be able to get specialized advanced training for our hyperbaric medical personnel,” said Julio R. Garcia, C.H.T., R.N., Program Director of Springhill’s Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. “The training will allow us to further our knowledge of dive injuries and the management of critical care patients who need our hyperbaric chambers.”

Providing hyperbaric medical support for the central Gulf Coast, Springhill’s Hyperbaric Center is the only Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine accredited facility in the state of Alabama. In addition, Springhill is the primary hyperbaric support for Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, the primary evacuation and treatment site for Naval Station Pascagoula, and the primary back-up facility for Naval Station Pensacola.

PADI is the world’s largest recreational diving organization, with more than 5,300 dive centers and resorts and 130,000 dive professionals worldwide. The Chamber Endowment Fund was established to benefit recreational dive communities worldwide.

“We anticipate an increase in recreational dive activity precipitated by the sinking of the USS Oriskany off the coast of Pensacola. We will be seeing an increase in patients who require advanced knowledge in hyperbaric medicine. To meet those needs, our proposal to PADI included the request for us to attend specialized training,” Garcia said.

“We typically see approximately 10 DCI patients a year. An anticipated increase to approximately 100 DCI-related injuries annually represents a substantial strain on the hyperbarics resources available in this area,” Garcia explains.

The USS Oriskany is located 22.5 miles SSW from the coast of Pensacola. This artificial reef is now the largest along the U.S. coastline.

Many divers assume there will be a hyperbaric chamber near their diving destination, but this is not always the case. To support these critical facilities, PADI established The Chamber Endowment Fund in 2004. 

This year, more than $30,000 was available to qualified applicants, and Springhill’s Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine received more than $10,000. The PADI Chamber Endowment Fund provides funding for projects such as:

  • Staff training and certification

  • General chamber maintenance costs

  • Equipment costs

  • New chamber construction

“The selection committee members recognized the necessity, merit and value of this training for our facility in the service of the diving community for the central Gulf Coast,” Garcia said. “We appreciate their support of the diving and hyperbaric medical community with a program such as the Chamber Endowment Fund.”

November 27, 2006

ScubaGlobe Asia Pacific Includes Our Book in Their Latest Issue

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Here is a letter from Heneage Mitchell that I thought you might be interested in:
As discussed some months back, I have included your book Assessment of Diving Medical Fitness in the latest issue of ScubaGlobe Asia Pacific.
Best regards
Heneage Mitchell
Publisher, ScubaGlobe Asia Pacific

Here is the UHMS press lelease for our book:



Peter B. Bennett, Frans J. Cronje, Ernest S. Campbell

A dive instructor is the first person to assess the general health and medical fitness of a prospective diver before he or she enters the water. Whether the diver is a recreational scuba diver, commercial, military or research diver, the same evaluation of physical fitness will apply.

Internationally recognized authors, surgeons and researchers Bennett, Cronje and Campbell collaborated on this new book, Assessment of Diving Medical Fitness for Scuba Divers and Instructors, to provide instructors and divers a clear and concise reference addressing the principles behind the necessary medical considerations and related decisions on diving fitness. It will help instructors and active divers determine when the input from a diving physician is mandatory and how to sensibly screen prospective divers for medical problems.

Assessment of Diving: Medical Fitness for Scuba Divers and Instructors is also an excellent reference for first-time divers and experienced divers who may have medical questions related to their personal health and fitness. It is designed to provide advice in relatively simple non-medical language.

In the final analysis, it is the personal responsibility of each diver to make a decision whether or not to dive, and Bennett, Cronje and Campbell compiled this laymen’s guide for just that purpose.
(Hardcover, 241 pages) ISBN: 1930536313

Book No: B1136 Price $29.95


· CALL Best Publishing Company 1.800.468.1055 or 928.527.1055

· Email:

“This book has a wealth of information useful to the casual and hardcore recreational scuba diver, as well as the diver education professional. This valuable resource can help all divers make informed decisions critical to their safety.” –Dan Orr, CEO Divers Alert Network

“Doctors Bennett, Cronje and Campbell have provided a useful and readable source of reference for medical information related to scuba diving. This book will be of value to individuals who have medical questions relating to their health and compatibility with scuba diving. My compliments to the authors for producing a useful work.” –Dr. Drew Richardson, PADI Worldwide COO

“Finally, a clear concise guide to evaluating a person’s fitness to dive. Every dive leader, diver, and prospective diver should own and read this book.” –Frank J. Toal, Jr., MAED President CMAS Americas

It can also be ordered at

Order from .

Also available on and


November 26, 2006

Scholarships, Summer Internships and Photography Award

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My friend, Glen Egstrom, is chairman of the board of the ‘Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society®’. and requests that we publicize this important information about scholarships in diving available through his organization.
P.O. Box 4428, Chicago, IL 60680 Phone/Fax (630) 969-6690

Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society Announces 2007 Rolex Scholarships, North American Summer Internships, and European Young Underwater Photography Award
For more than 30 years, the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society (OW-USS) has offered a variety of internships and Rolex Scholarships. Our goal is to foster development of the future leaders of the marine environment. We continue to believe that by investing in special young people, by exposing them to a broad array of activities in the underwater community, and giving them opportunities to work with influential people who are leaders in aquatic disciplines, we are investing in the future of our oceans and lakes.

2007 Rolex Scholarships for North America, Europe and Australasia
For 2007, three Rolex Scholarships will be offered: one in North America, one in Europe, and one in Australasia. Each Rolex Scholarship provides a hands-on introduction to underwater and other aquatic-related endeavors for a young person considering a career in an underwater-related discipline. One scholar is selected from each of the three regions, and each scholar spends approximately one year working side-by-side with current leaders in underwater fields. Each scholar travels primarily within his or her region but may have opportunities throughout the underwater world. The range of experiences may include active participation in field studies, underwater research, scientific expeditions, laboratory assignments, equipment testing and design, photographic instruction, and other specialized assignments.
Each of the three Rolex Scholarships has a coordinator who organizes itineraries for his or her scholar - emphasizing breadth of experience, but tailoring the itinerary to the individual scholar’s background and interests. These itineraries include time with specialists in such areas as biology, hyperbarics, anthropology, and archaeology. Scholar hosts include scientists, engineers, filmmakers, and marine mammal researchers. Visits to dive store operations, classes in underwater photography, and working with conservation organizations are also typical experiences.
During the course of the year, exposure to a wide array of types of work and the chance to actually jump in and experience specific jobs provide scholars with invaluable career-deciding opportunities. The scholarship emphasizes hands-on experience in activities that will contribute to a well-rounded education and a broad network of contacts.

2007 North American Summer Internships
The 2007 OWUSS Summer internships are offered for a 1 to 3 month period and are primarily directed at college undergraduates and graduating seniors. Internship recipients will receive a grant to help fund travel to/from site, room and board, and a stipend to cover living expenses.
For the summer of 2007, the Society is pleased to announce the following 4 internships based in North America:
Divers Alert Network (DAN) Research Internship
The DAN Research Internship Program is designed to expand DAN’s Project Dive Exploration (PDE) data collection, which is a prospective, observational study of safety in recreational diving. The objectives of PDE are to establish the risk of injury in recreational diving; study the effects of age, sex, and dive style on the risk of decompression illness; and investigate the relationship between pre-existing health conditions. The intern is trained at DAN’s headquarters in Durham, North Carolina and then placed with DAN sponsors during the research phase.

The Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) Marine Conservation Internship
Offered in Key Largo, Florida, the Marine Conservation Internship provides an opportunity to experience working at a nonprofit environmental organization. REEF is a grass-root, non-profit organization of recreational divers dedicated to protecting and preserving the underwater environment. Outside duties include environmental presentations to local and visiting school, university, dive, and public groups; working with other local marine conservation entities; and opportunities for conducting marine life surveys during local dives. Office duties include handling memberships, incoming marine life survey data, answering e-mail, and dealing with the public.

• “Sport Diver” Magazine Publishing Internship
Based in Winter Park, Florida, the recipient of this internship will gain valuable experience in supporting a complete 6-week publishing cycle of Sport Diver magazine, a leading publication in the scuba diving and travel markets. This is an opportunity to get real world experience in magazine publishing, including all facets of taking the product from start to finish.

U.S. Navy Engineering Internship
Based in Bethesda, Maryland or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this internship will provide a unique opportunity to work with a world-class scientist or engineer on hull, mechanical, and electrical technologies for US Navy ships and ship systems. Sponsored by Mercury Marine, this internship is hosted by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division. The Carderock Division consists of approximately 3,800 scientists, engineers, and support personnel working in more than 40 disciplines, ranging from fundamental science to applied/in-service engineering.

European Young Underwater Photography Award
The European Young Underwater Photography Award, sponsored by Rolex, is offered annually to the best underwater image taken by a photographer under the age of 25 entered in the Antibes International Underwater Film Festival. This award provides funding that enables a young photographer to gain experience and broaden his or her understanding of underwater image making. This is achieved by assisting and accompanying professional or accomplished photographers in a project/projects uniquely suited to the recipient of the Award. The recipient of the 2006 Young Underwater Photographer Award is Martina Balzarova from the Czech Republic. She won the Award with an image of fish in a sponge. Martina was also the recipient of the Award in 2005, which indicates her consistent ability and high potential.
For more information on eligibility criteria and application process, please contact the Our World – Underwater Scholarship Society website at

November 22, 2006


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Beginning in January 2007 International ATMO will conducting our introductory courses “The Wound Care Course”  and “Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training”  back-to-back every month.

For more information on these courses and other courses offered by International ATMO please click here or call 210-614-3688.

2007 Schedule

                                   The Wound Care Course       Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training

                                    (Sat & Sun) 2-days                (Monday – Friday) 5-days

January                 1/13 – 1/14                         1/15 – 1/19

February               2/17 – 2/18                         2/19 – 2/23

March                         3/17 – 3/18                         3/19 – 3/23

April                           4/14 – 4/15                         4/16 – 4/20

May                             5/12 – 5/13                         5/14 – 5/18

June                            6/2 – 6/3                            6/4 – 6/8

July                             7/14 – 7/15                         7/16 – 7/20

August                        8/11 – 8/12                         8/13 – 8/17

September                9/8 – 9/9                            9/10 – 9/14

October                     10/13 – 10/14                      10/15 – 10/19

November                 11/10 – 11/11                      11/12 – 11/16

December                  12/1 – 12/2                         12/3 – 12/7

Click here for 2007 calendar

November 21, 2006

CHT and CHRN Certification Exam Review Course

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CHT and CHRN Certification Exam Review Course

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Hampton Inn & Suites

DFW Airport North – Grapevine, Texas

Click Here For Registration Form

For More Information Please Contact

International ATMO Education Department

Phone: 210-614-3688




Upcoming CHT/CHRN Exam Date

February 10, 2007 / Garland, Texas

For More Exam Dates Click Here

or Go To


November 20, 2006

Intelligence Of Dolphins Cited in Fight Against Hunt

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Intelligence Of Dolphins Cited in

Fight Against Hunt


Others See Equal Weight In the Value of Tradition

Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 20, 2006; Page A01

Washington Post Staff WriterMonday, November 20, 2006; Page A01 

Washington Post Staff WriterMonday, November 20, 2006; Page A01  

A coalition of marine scientists has launched a campaign to halt Japan’s annual “dolphin drive,” in which thousands of bottlenose dolphins are herded into shallow coves to be slaughtered with knives and clubs……..

November 14, 2006

Nurse Job Advertising New Service

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Lisa Wasdin, with the UHMS, sends us the following news from the Baromedical Nurses Association.


The Baromedical Nurses Association is pleased to announce a new service.  Any organization or individual who would like to advertise for a nurse is welcome to submit an advertisement for distribution through the BNA email list.  The ad will be sent by email to all BNA members.  If you would like to use this service, please submit to Kathy Furnas, BNA Business Agent at


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